15 July 2018

Updated vNugglets.VDNetworking PowerShell module

Updated vNugglets PowerShell Module!Hurray -- the vNugglets.VDNetworking PowerShell module is now updated (with updates available on the PowerShellGallery)! This module has cmdlets for helping manage your VMware virtual distributed networking infrastructure, like reporting on and configuring traffic filtering/marking configurations. The ChangeLog has all of the juicy details, but the big news with this update:

The Set-VNVMHostNetworkAdapterVDUplink cmdlet provides the ability to manage the VDSwitch Uplink for a VMHost physical NIC ("VMNIC") on the VDSwitch of which the VMNIC is already a part -- finally! (this is not yet available in a native cmdlet in PowerCLI, but I'm sure that VMware has it on their list).

The copious examples show all kinds of ways to use this module.  Grab the module from the PowerShellGallery with the standard
Find-Module vNugglets.VDNetworking | Install-Module
that we all know and love (or, use Update-Module instead of Install-Module to update a previously installed version to current, of course).


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