18 June 2017

Updated vNugglets.Utility PowerShell module: v1.2!

Updated vNugglets PowerShell Module!Quick post about some great news -- we have updated the vNugglets.Utility PowerShell module, improving speed, flexibility, and usability of some functions! Additionally, the module is now available in the PowerShell Gallery -- hurray!

As for the easier means by which to get the module:  now you can grab the vNugglets.Utility module in the same way that you get everything else from the PowerShell Gallery.  You save the module with the Save-Module cmdlet (so that you can inspect the code and ensure that things are good -- security first!).  And, you install the module with the, you guessed it, the Install-Module cmdlet. Also, you can see the straightforward instructions for this saving- and installation of the module at https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/vNugglets.Utility.

And, the details about the updates in the latest version are chronicled in the ChangeLog (which is in the module's repo at the vNugglets GitHub project vNuggletsPSMod).  Enjoy the new goodness, and, as always, let us know how it can be better (or, collaborate with us on GitHub)!