15 November 2015

XtremIO PowerShell Module Updated and on GitHub -- v0.9.0 available

XtremIO + PowerShell!Updates and improvements!  Version 0.9.0 of the XtremIO.Utils PowerShell module is now available at https://github.com/mtboren/XtremIO.Utils/releases (starting with the 0.8.x line, this module has been on GitHub). The main focus of version 0.9.0:  providing support for the new object types that came with the XIOS v4 release and its extended API.  See the changelog for the exciting details.

And, if you missed it, the previous v0.8.x releases focused on implementing some PowerShell-y features/functionality, with some great strides in pipelining capabilities of several of the cmdlets.

Note about the changelog and whatnot:  we will be using GitHub as the official home for the module's code, and, so, the changelog available there will be the authoritative source, instead of the copies that we previously hosted at vNugglets.com.  The module's general info page here at vNugglets now holds links to this new home.