16 November 2016

Updated PowerShell Module for Sortable HTML Reporting -- NewHtmlReport v1.2

NewHtmlReport Snippet
Great news -- we've updated the NewHtmlReport PowerShell module -- v1.2!  Refresher: this is a module to "easily create functional, somewhat styled HTML reports from data, providing additional functionality to what the base ConvertTo-Html cmdlet provides".

The NewHtmlReport GitHub repo has the whole project, and the Releases page has the link to the .zip file with just the PowerShell module code itself.

The module is now a bit more modern, as we have added things like:
  • support for accepting objects from pipeline in the New-HtmlReport function
  • cmdlet-based module configuration
  • JSON-based module configuration storage
  • CDN-based resource usage for the jQuery and TableSorter JS libraries by default, for ease of "getting up and going" right out of the box
The are some examples of the output up at the GitHub Pages page for this repository at http://mtboren.github.io/NewHtmlReport/.

Also, the ReadMe has good info about the module, including the Quick Start steps, and the ChangeLog has more detail on what things changed and how.


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