13 December 2015

New PowerShell Module for Sortable HTML Reporting -- NewHtmlReport

A couple of years ago, after wanting to make some HTML reports to present tabular data that included a bit of style and interactivity, we created a PowerShell module for such things.  While there are some posts/scripts on the web that address this need in various ways, we wanted an easy to use, straight forward, flexible way.

Now we've added a GitHub repository to house this NewHtmlReport Powershell module project.  The module uses many of the features of ConvertTo-Html, but goes further by adding things like:
  • jQuery and TableSorter support for HTML tables
  • centralized style and script configuration, for uniform results across reports
  • "hightlighting" of rows' values (to bring focus to rows whose values might be of concern, like a datastore usage value that is over a desired threshold)
  • number formatting so as to make report generation even quicker and easier (you can pass your raw data in, and the cmdlets can handle rounding for you)
The are some examples of the output up at the GitHub Pages page for this repository at http://mtboren.github.io/NewHtmlReport/.

Also, check out the ReadMe and the help at the GitHub repo.  And, for the next feature/fix that you desire:  fork it!

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  1. Very cool, I had wanted to add something like that to a module we had developed. Maybe another punter out there can take these two projects and make them one :) Please see link below for examples and explanation. Our Code is also loaded into github.



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