30 October 2014

XtremIO PowerShell Module Updated -- v0.6.0 available!

XtremIO + PowerShell!Oh, boy -- more updates!  I committed the module at version 0.6.0 on 24 Sep 2014, and am just now making the time to post about it.  Plenty of good stuff in this release, with some preparation for changes to come. The release notes and change log are in the repo, of course, at https://github.com/mtboren/XtremIO.Utils, but some of the highlights:
  • added explicit Get-XIO* cmdlets for object types, in place of using -ItemType on the Get-XIOItemInfo cmdlet, so as to make things more PowerShell-y
  • more properties available, including loads of performance-related items in a new PerformanceInfo property for many objects
  • added support for new things available in the XIOS v3.0 release (properties, object types)
And, I recently added XtremIO.Utils as a module available via PsGet, so installing/updating the module becomes a snap for PsGet module users.  The quick how-to on using PsGet to install the XtremIO.Utils module:
PS vN:\> Install-Module -Verbose -Module XtremIO.Utils

Or, to update the existing version you may already have:
PS vN:\> Update-Module -Verbose -Module XtremIO.Utils

Or, if you like the "old fashioned" module management route (of manually handling the module grab), you can always follow the steps outlined in our previous XtremIO post here.

And, a couple of futures, in development for the next version of this module:
  • Connect-XIOServer / Disconnect-XIOServer, so as to handle credentials at a connection level instead of a per-call for every cmdlet
  • more New-XIO* cmdlets
In the meantime, enjoy!

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