08 February 2009

vNugglets Objectives

Welcome to vNugglets. Right now vNuggs is comprised of two IT masters that needed a place to share some scripts/howto's/whatever. AC started off washing dishes at Chubby's Fish & Steak. Then during and after attending college he worked as a Systems Administrator at a small shop, followed by a Fortune 500 financial company. AC currently works at a consulting company where he specializes in VMware administration/infrastructure. D-Day started his illustrious career by slinging pizza pizzas! at Little Caesar's. Then during college he too worked at a small shop as a Systems Administrator (doing everything). D-Day currently works at the same consulting company as AC, specializing in VMware administration/automation.

This blog will contain useful (hopefully) scripts, howto's, and miscellany. While there are plenty of scripts/howto's out there, vNuggs will focus on providing well-written/documented material, not just "it works, that's good enough" efforts. This includes:
  • providing example usage/output
  • good, readable, commented code
  • trying to stay away from most aliases for the sake of the readers
pertaining to:
  • VMware (generally PowerShell)
  • Sys Admin tasks
  • general automation
In focusing on these items, vNugglets.com will likely be a low-volume blog, not one that will rigorously cover current virtualization/technology news. There are excellent sources for that sort of info (and more) on our blog list.

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